The overlooked secret to cutting your outsourcing costs

The idea of paying someone else to handle your affairs can be a scary thing for small business owners. But today I’ll share a secret to getting quality design work at an affordable price.

How often should I send my email marketing messages?

After the recent post encouraging small business owners to try out online mailing list platforms, I’ve had several people ask the same question – how often should someone post to their mailing list? This week I’ll explore the three possible answers to this common question.

The (true) psychology of colour in social media and marketing

Following on from last week, I take a look at how graphic designers can use colours effectively to boost your brand. Along the way, I’ll also bust some of the common myths you’ve no doubt seen rearing their heads on the internet.

2 literally magical approaches to SEO – can you guess which one is wrong?

On a recent idle surf of the web, I found myself comparing British magicians. I’d like to share two examples of their search engine optimisation strategies. One is great, the other not so much. Can you guess which is which?

Are business cards still relevant in the digital age?

With business taking place in an ever-more digital world, many small business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves, “Are business cards obsolete today?” Are they a relic of a bygone era, or do they still serve a solid purpose?

6 ways to increase your social media engagement

As a designer, I tend to pay inordinate attention to the little creative details of life that others overlook. A couple of years ago I noticed a subtle change in my supermarket; certain trendy brands were no longer advertising their website on their product labels....

How the craziest picture book you’ll never read can improve your business

Pictures books are generally targeted at children, with friendly text and accompanying illustrations. But what if you took a classic of English literature and re-told the story entirely in pictures? That’s exactly what one bold and determined soul did a few years ago.

Why did my email end up in the junk mail? A guide to spam filters

You’ve worked hard to build a subscriber list with interested readers and potential customers. You’ve spent time and money carefully constructing your email marketing plan, and establishing special offers. The last thing you want is for those precious nuggets of literary craftsmanship to slide silently into your subscriber’s junk mail folder.

Read on for 7 surprising mistakes that can land you on the wrong side of a spam filter.

Customers hate change: The Spotify Logo Saga

You’ve probably been told that people hate change. Last month, music streaming service Spotify proved the axiom by making a minor alteration to their branding. The backlash on social media was surprisingly volatile, taking the organisation by surprise. What is the lesson for emerging businesses?

4 leading email marketing options (with FREE trials)

Doing email marketing campaigns properly involves assessing whether your messages work. This week I examine four of the leading services available online for managing and analysing your campaign.   Why use email marketing software? I recommend using online...

The #1 Secret of Graphic Design in Microsoft Word

There’s no point keeping you in suspense. The top secret trick to getting the best graphic design out of Microsoft word can be summed up in three words: don’t use it! In my line of work I see a lot of publications, signs, brochures, websites and business cards. I can...

Email call to action – a (horrifying) example from real life

You’ll never guess which company completely fails the test of effective design! Last week I posted three examples of marketing emails that I discovered in my Inbox, and posed a number of questions to think about. Did you work out the difference between a good Call to...

5 steps to an effective email call to action

Your call to action is usually your customer’s first step towards buying, so it’s essential to get it right. Today I share five simple tips to making your CTA work, including one powerful technique that is frequently overlooked. But let’s start with the simplest...

Learn for yourself: Email call to action

When people ask me where they can learn about effective email marketing, there is always one source that springs to mind first. You can learn for yourself there too. Where? In your own inbox! Sometimes the best place to get ideas for your marketing endeavour is to...

How to make your graphic designer cry in one easy step

I love to make my clients look good, and I get excited about turning ideas into reality. But there is one request that can reduce any graphic designer to tears in seconds. Read on to find out how to reduce me to a quivering wreck...   If it’s worth doing......

What size do my pictures need to be on Facebook?

This is a question that I get asked a lot. Unfortunately, finding the relevant details in Facebook’s help files is not quite so easy. Here’s what you need to know.   First things first Facebook is continually evolving and changing. Options and layouts get...

The 3 Keys to Email Marketing Law in Australia

Suprising fact: Email spam is illegal in Australia. More surprising: If your marketing emails are not structured correctly, you can face prosecution.   The Spam Act Everyone knows that spam is a nuisance. Many countries including Australia implemented legislation...

Why Your Business Should Be Using Responsive Email Design

Mobile devices might be choking your leads without you even noticing it. Here’s how to retain control in the new era of email marketing.   "What's the big deal?" In 1971, the big deal was Ray Tomlinson sending the world’s first email (to himself!). Today, it’s an...

4 Reasons I Changed My Website Design To WordPress And You Should Too

I liked my previous website. It was one of the first I ever built from scratch using a good measure of html, a dash of CSS and a sprinkling of JavaScript and it allowed me to begin getting the Scribble name out there into the digital world. However like the majority...